eCourse: Enjoy Singing – on your own


If even the thought of taking singing lessons seems scary to you, Enjoy Singing – on your own is for you!
This online singing course will give you a solid foundation for singing and all the knowledge you need to cultivate a healthy voice for life.


You’ll get all the course material from the classic Enjoy Singing course, but as there are no 1-on-1 lessons included in this course, you can learn when it suits you.
Within 3 months of buying the course, you have the option of sending me up to 3 audio recordings of your voice and receive e-mail feedback from me with voice coaching that will help you move forward.

This course will without doubt give you a fresh approach to how you can use your voice in a natural and holistic way.

You’ll get enjoyable exercises and songs that will support you in putting the theory of each of the 3 course modules into practice.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Breathe naturally and effortlessly when singing
  • Learn a new song in an easy and enjoyable way
  • Connect to your authentic voice

Read all about the course here.


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