Online Singing Lessons

Learn to Sing like You

There’s nothing as beautiful about you as your authentic voice. If you’re ready to connect to yourself on a deep level, the online singing lessons are for you.

We will work with and clear any challenges that you may have so you can:

  • Sing in tune
  • Easily access your high notes
  • Sing with a free voice that doesn’t break
  • Love and accept the sound of your voice

I’ll gently guide you to find the core of your voice – your essence – so you can begin to cultivate your voice from a solid foundation.

You’ll get all the practical tools, motivation and confidence you need to discover your authentic voice.

The result is a free and balanced voice in alignment with who you are.

I look forward to guiding you.

How to book your first lesson

The online singing lessons are 30 minutes each and are held via Zoom.
The fee for 3 lessons is €99.

1) Pick a date & time

Find the singing lesson calendar here.

2) We’re ready to sing

Once you’ve booked your 30 minute lesson, you’ll receive a Zoom link for your first singing lesson.
You’ll also receive a link with payment options.

When you book an online singing lessons, you agree to the Terms & Conditions. Please read them here.

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