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Enjoy Singing

Begins every Tuesday

Learn to sing online.

This 6 week online singing course will give you a solid foundation for singing and all the knowledge you need to cultivate a healthy voice for life.

Enjoy Singing is for you, if you’d like to get the courage to sing more and to learn how to use your voice in a natural way.

You’ll be met at your level and gently guided forward.

If you are new to singing, you’ll get all the encouragement you need to start using your voice.

If you’ve already received singing lessons, this course will without doubt give you a fresh approach to how you can use your voice in a holistic way – engaging body, mind and soul.

You’ll get enjoyable exercises and songs that will support you in putting the theory of each module into practice.

This course contains the essence of my 20 years of experience of working with the voice through learning, practising, studying and teaching singing.
And I’m delighted to be able to give you this knowledge.
You can read more about me here

After the 6 week course you will have all the tools to:

  • Breathe naturally and effortlessly when singing
  • Learn a new song in an easy and enjoyable way
  • Connect to your authentic voice

Course content

Module 1

In this module, you’ll learn the most simple and efficient way to breathe when you sing.

When I learned this way of breathing in singing, it turned my music world upside down in the most amazing way.

This way of breathing can be used for singing any kind of songs, e.g. classical-, pop- or jazz music.

Module 2

Your voice is an instrument, and in this module you’ll learn how to tune yours.
You’ll get to explore the full range of your voice in a relaxing way.

We’ll discover what can make you sing out of tune, how easy it can be to sing high notes and how you can prevent your voice from breaking.

Module 3

In this module, we’ll explore how you can give words the significance that they call for, how you can express yourself freely and use your words to create more depth in your singing.

When this knowledge is practised over a period of time, you’ll acquire an authentic expression and a solid foundation for working with your voice for many years to come.

The practical stuff

You’ll receive a thorough introduction to the singing course (mp3) with the first module.

Each module then gives you:

  • A talk about the theme (mp3) plus a printable PDF overview
  • A pre-recorded singing lesson with a singing exercise (mp3)
  • A pre-recorded singing lesson with a song (mp3)
  • A 30 minute one-to-one singing lesson on skype or zoom with me (total value of €99)

We’ll arrange a suitable time for your one-to-one singing lesson during each module – and apart from that you can listen to the files and practise exactly when it suits you.

You’re always welcome to ask questions in the process, big or small.

Duration & fees

The course duration is 6 weeks, but you can use the course material to keep learning after the course finishes.

You’ll receive the the course introduction + module 1 on the first Tuesday after you buy the course:
Week 1: Introduction + Module 1
Week 3: Module 2
Week 5: Module 3

Once you receive the course modules, you can dive into them exactly when it suits you.
The three one-to-one singing lessons must be had within the 6 weeks.
You’ll receive motivational emails in between the modules.

The course fee in August only is 129€ (the full fee is 159€) – including 3 one-to-one 30 minute online singing lessons (value 99€) and full support via e-mail during the course.
You’ll also be invited to join a dedicated Facebook group for support, inspiration and motivation.

Please note that the course is non-refundable.

If you have any questions about the singing course, don’t hesitate to get in touch

When you book an online singing course, you agree to the Terms & Conditions. Please read them here.

Testimonials from the first Enjoy Singing course:

”I loved taking part in Nína’s course Enjoy Singing. She is a fantastic teacher and was able to put me and my voice at ease. I felt in the best of hands to explore my voice which was rather daunting a the beginning. However Nína was so encouraging, kind and supportive that I grew more and more comfortable and gained in confidence! I would recommend this course to anybody that would like to discover and get to know their own voice better!”
– Ines Cunningham

”I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Nína during the Enjoy Singing course.
She has a very natural way of teaching which is both serious, yet playful. Her long experience with and vast knowledge of singing is conveyed in a simple yet relatable way. Thus anyone can benefit from these lessons, whether the student is already trained or new to singing, such as myself.
Nína has opened my eyes to a new way of viewing my abilities, which has helped me overcome some self doubts, and made me dare to sing more, even without being aware of it, I am told.
All in all, this course has made me very happy. Thank you Nína.”

– Sally Megyessi


Do I need to have any experience with singing?
No. This course is for anyone who would like to learn to sing – or to develop their voice. You’ll be met exactly where you are and I’ll help you work with your voice from there.

I can’t read music. Will this course be for me?
Yes. Reading music is not required for this course.

How do the singing lessons work?
This course includes three 30 minute online singing lessons with me. You’ll receive a link to my calendar with each module.
In the singing lessons we’ll work with the theme of the module and any questions you may have.
I always make sure the lessons are relaxed for my students while you learn a lot. You don’t have to worry that you’ll be “performing” a song for me. We’re simply working with your voice.

Do I need to listen to the module before I have my singing lesson?
It can be beneficial for you to listen to the module first in case you have any questions, but it’s entirely up to you. The modules and the lessons enhance each other.

Happy singing.

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