Singing for Mothers-to-Be

Give yourself and your baby some nourishing moments of singing. Here’s what you can do with your voice while you’re expecting. Singing is a beautiful gift to give yourself and your baby during pregnancy. Obviously, lullabies are brilliant because your little baby (or babies) will get to know the songs while he or she isContinue reading “Singing for Mothers-to-Be”

When You Think You Can’t Sing…

Your beliefs influence your actions. So if you’re holding on to outdated ideas about your voice, it’s time for a tidy up in your mind! What people have told you about your voice can have great consequences. Ideas can become beliefs, and these beliefs can either lift you up or put you down. We’ve allContinue reading “When You Think You Can’t Sing…”

Create a Nourishing Habit of Singing

Bring more joy into your everyday life by making singing a habit. Here’s how. I used to think that you need to have tons of self-discipline to learn to sing. So I pushed myself for years to learn, understand, practise, practise, practise… Until, one day a teacher told me: “Nína, in a sense… practise less.”Continue reading “Create a Nourishing Habit of Singing”

Affirmations for Singing

What you believe becomes your reality. In this blog, I’m inviting you to explore your beliefs about your voice – and giving you inspiration to create new nourishing thoughts that eventually lead to greater fulfillment in life. We all receive a set of beliefs in childhood, and early programming is not questioned too often –Continue reading “Affirmations for Singing”

Learning to Accept Your Voice

In this blog, I’m exploring why so many of us find it awkward to hear a recording of our own voice. There are good reasons why it’s uncomfortable; it all has to do with sound vibrations and acceptance. I used to dislike listening to a recording of my voice. I found it quite awkward, theContinue reading “Learning to Accept Your Voice”

Discovering Your Sound

Sound is an incredibly exciting area when it comes to singing. Especially these days where so many people think about how they sound, instead of honouring their authentic voices. In this blog, I share the simple truth behind the concept of sound. When you sing or speak, your vocal chords vibrate, your body resonates andContinue reading “Discovering Your Sound”