5 Easy Ways to Nourish Your Voice

A great thing about using your voice is that when you speak well, your singing improves and vice versa.

Here’s a mini-guide to how you can give your voice the best conditions to thrive and grow.

Tune in and see which one of the ideas attracts you the most, and start with that one today.

1) Listen to Your Body

When you are working with your voice, it’s important to listen to the signals you are getting.

How does your throat area feel after singing or speaking?
Are you giving your voice plenty of rest?

You can feel tired in your voice after a good singing practise – just like other parts of your body can feel tired after exercising.
But if your voice feels tense after use, you would need to adjust a few things so you can use your voice in a more healthy way.

Singing in a natural way is easy.

2) Give yourself a massage

Get comfortable and treat your jaw, neck and shoulders to some kind attention.

For a relaxing mood, you can make your own natural massage oil blend.
Simply mix a drop of pure essential lavender oil per 1 tbsp of carrier oil (e.g. avocado oil).

You will give your body the best conditions to sing freely and easily.

3) Energize your body

It’s a good idea to have some energy in the tank before you work with your voice. A fruit- or berry smoothie will give you plenty of fuel.

Dairy creates mucus, so you’re doing your voice a favour by avoiding milk or cheese before singing or speaking in public.

Some people feel less comfortable singing after eating nuts or spicy foods, so make a note of which foods support your voice and which don’t.

4) Listen to good singers

Your vocal chords respond to what you listen to, so listening to good singers will benefit your voice.

Go for singers who look like they are talking when they sing – and most importantly: Singers who look like singing is easy!

5) Get to know your sensual voice

This is a fun one.
Relax, have a cup of tea or a glass of champaigne and speak softly.

Make it a daily habit (the speaking softly part!), and you’ll find that your voice will feel smooth as silk. Great for speaking and singing!

For inspiration listen to Marilyn Monroe or David Suchet’s Hercules Poirot.

Happy Singing!

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