Create a Nourishing Habit of Singing

Sing every day and create more joy in your life.

Bring more joy into your everyday life by making singing a habit. Here’s how.

I used to think that you need to have tons of self-discipline to learn to sing. So I pushed myself for years to learn, understand, practise, practise, practise…

Until, one day a teacher told me: “Nína, in a sense… practise less.”

What an eye-opener it was. When it comes to the voice – and so many other things in life – you can forget about forcing or pushing if you want nourishing results.
Just like you wouldn’t get anywhere by saying to your apple tree in the springtime: “Hello! Where are the apples?”

At the other end of the scale, there’s the mindset of “I’ll practise when I feel like it,” which could put your progress at a snail’s pace. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’d like to help your voice evolve at a steady pace, there might be a better way.

So if hardcore discipline or practising based on how you feel that day are not sustainable, what’s the way to go?

Create a habit of singing. The great thing about a habit is that you only need enough self-discipline to create it. Once created, it becomes part of your daily routine.
It takes 30-60 days to create a habit, so when I create a new habit, I usually start with 30 days and then see how I’m doing. Keep it simple.

Here’s how to kickstart your new habit of singing:

  1. Make a wish
    What would you like to be able to sing? Write down your wish and start taking steps towards fulfilling it.
  2. How much time would you like to dedicate to singing?
    Be realistic – is 15 minutes a day doable? Or 20 minutes 3 times a week?
    There’s no right or wrong here, just make a plan that suits for your life right now and stick with it.
  3. When are you going to sing?
    Get specific on what time of day you’ll practise singing. Pencil in the practice in your calendar. It’s your time for yourself. It’s important.

No time for practise? Here’s the quick route that will still give you lots of singing joy: Learn a few songs by heart, and sing them while you do your daily activities.
Sing while you drive, sing while you wash-up.
Put your phone in a drawer and sing.

Happy Singing!

© Nína O’Farrell 2021
Photo by Silviu Cozma

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