Affirmations for Singing

Positive affirmations for singing.

What you believe becomes your reality. In this blog, I’m inviting you to explore your beliefs about your voice – and giving you inspiration to create new nourishing thoughts that eventually lead to greater fulfillment in life.

We all receive a set of beliefs in childhood, and early programming is not questioned too often – we simply don’t know any better than to perceive these beliefs as the truth.

If you’ve been 100% positively supported about using your voice, great! However, if you’ve picked up remarks along the way that have caused you to think negatively about your singing abilities, now could be a good time for a tidy up!

My own story is that I’ve always been complimented for my musicality, singing in tune and having a large vocal range. My limiting belief was planted as I was more than once told by singing teachers that I would probably never have a big voice. It seemed to be a fact.

Fortunately, my passion for singing inspired me to search for meaningful ways to use my voice, and I was encouraged by my intuition to study singing in Iceland and Italy.
It was there – in a small Italian town on a hill – that singing teachers helped me discover that I’m a mezzosoprano, and not a high soprano. And that I indeed have a big voice.

I’m deeply grateful for my discovery, and equally excited when I’m helping singing students release what’s blocking their voices and start embodying their full potential.

Some of the limiting beliefs I’ve come across when I talk to people about singing are:
Singing doesn’t come naturally to me
I wish I could sing (others may have that gift, but I don’t)
I don’t sing with others, because I’m afraid to sing out of tune
I can’t sing

Have a look at your beliefs. Do you have a good relationship with your voice? What thoughts and feelings come up?
What were your surroundings telling you about your voice as you were growing up?
Can you think of more nourishing thoughts today that will encourage you to sing?

Whatever your story is, know that negative beliefs are rarely true. Anyone can learn how to sing, just like anyone can learn to dance or draw.

I hereby encourage you to give it a go. You want to sing, otherwise you wouldn’t have found me. Affirmations are all about clearing the the road blocks and replacing them with nourishing thoughts that create a fresh path – and a new reality. 

Clearing your old beliefs gives you space to take action – maybe you want to start taking singing lessons, maybe you will discover new songs that you really enjoy singing… Look out for the signs and go for it.

See if some of the affirmations below resonate with you or make your own (simply change your negative belief with a positive affirmation e.g. I can’t sing becomes I can sing).
Say the affirmation out loud every day, write it down in your diary or be bold and hang it on your wall, whisper it, think it, sing it… be creative!

I have a pleasant voice
I am free to sing what I like
I take good care of my voice
I communicate kindly and clearly
There are countless opportunities to sing in my everyday life
I sing with ease
I honour my voice
Singing is a natural way to express myself
I am grateful for my voice
I enjoy discovering new qualities in my voice
I sing because I love to sing
I bring joy around me when I sing
I’m healing when I sing
I sing with all of me
I feel safe singing with my natural voice
I love my voice

Happy Singing!

© Nína O’Farrell 2020
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom

Feel free to leave questions / comments.

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