Learning to Accept Your Voice

Accept the sound of your voice.

In this blog, I’m exploring why so many of us find it awkward to hear a recording of our own voice. There are good reasons why it’s uncomfortable; it all has to do with sound vibrations and acceptance.

I used to dislike listening to a recording of my voice. I found it quite awkward, the feeling of wanting to just… hide a bit. Do you know that feeling?

If you do, you’re not the only one. Scientific studies have shown that a lot of people don’t like to hear a recording of their own voice because we hear our own voice differently to what it sounds like to other people.

When we listen to somebody else speaking, the sound waves make our ear drum and inner ear vibrate. These vibrations are converted into sounds in the brain.

But when we listen to our own voices, vibrations from deep in our own bodies, from our vocal chords and airways are present too. And all of that actually makes our own voices sound lower and more full to our own ears.
In other words, you are listening to the richest version of your voice!

That’s the physical side of things. But I think there’s more to it than that. I think it has everything to do with honouring our inner voice and appreciating the amazing channel of communication that the voice is.

It has to do with fully accepting ourselves.

And with that also comes getting over what we think other people think about us.
I got over it. Listening to many of my recorded singing lessons from my study time in Italy, the goal was to get wiser, not to judge how I sounded.

If you find it difficult to move towards an acceptance of “okay, I sound like that”, maybe your voice holds a lot more potential than you’re allowing it to unfold.

Inner and outer circumstances like your life situation, feelings and your view on yourself all affect the voice.

Some people feel anxious or stressed out. Some have a need to make themselves appear smaller than they really are. The result is a shaky, hard or small voice.

It’s time to think big! Not for anyone else’s sake. Just for you.
When you grow, the world grows.
Align your voice with yourself.
Get help if you need to, and know that everything is possible.

Happy Singing!

© Nína O’Farrell 2020
© Photo by Jan Valle

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