Your Voice Mirrors Your Emotions

Your voice mirrors how you feel.

Your voice reveals how you feel. It’s a pure reflection of your emotional state, and working with your voice can help you transform old luggage and lift your spirit.

Your voice communicates your emotions

You already know this. The moment you connect to a close friend by phone, you have an idea of his/her state of mind. Is she happy, content, worried, tired…? It’s all revealed in a split second in the voice.

Your voice connects your inner world with the outer world; it’s your channel of communication. That becomes very interesting when you start noticing how you’re using your voice. How do you speak? Is your voice hard or soft, does it have depth and lightness? Notice the subtle changes in your voice from day to day and even within the day. All depending on your mood and energy levels.

You can then begin to make small changes that will lead to good voice habits. If your voice is quite hard or high pitched, it could be beneficial to soften it. It goes both ways; if you can find a way to mellow, your voice will follow suit.

Use your voice to lift your spirit

I believe that working with your voice can change your life. It has certainly changed mine. You see, your voice will allow you to reconnect with your emotional state in a very pure way. When you become aware of how you truly feel, you can start working with your emotions. And from there, you can start lifting your spirit.

The thing is that no matter where you are on the “mood scale”, you can use your voice to make life lighter. If you’re working through heavier things, singing is an amazing tool for transformation.

Here are a few ways you can use your voice to grow:
  • If you’re feeling quite up and down (depending on what’s going on around you), use your voice as an anchor to ground you.
    Work in the lower area of your voice close to your speaking voice. You can sing or read a poem aloud… allow yourself to be creative and use your voice as it makes sense in the moment.
  • When feeling low, you can give yourself the gift of a song. That way, you’re letting yourself be with your feelings (instead of running away from them), and though it can seem like a painful place to go sometimes, this is also where magic happens.
    As the expression goes: Short term pain, long term gain.
    Being with your emotions can lead to acceptance, and acceptance can lead to transformation.
    Once your emotions/feelings/luggage is transformed, your consciousness grows. You evolve.
  • If you feel stressed out, your voice can get hard and high pitched. It’s hard on the voice and hard on the body to be in the red zone. See if you can stop your activities (no matter how important they may seem; there’s always more stuff that needs to be done), breathe a bit and hum your favourite song.
    Start by singing tiny tones and then sing with a bit more volume when you feel more calm. That way, you’ll allow your voice to naturally balance itself.
    Good news: It’s not possible to feel stressed out and sing at the same time.
  • Too overwhelmed to sing? That’s ok. Just breathe. And you can release a lot even by listening to good singers.
    Luciano Pavarotti is a good example of a singer who sings with a balanced voice and expresses emotions freely.
  • It’s also absolutely magical to sing when you are ecstatic with joy. Maybe something amazing happened in your life, maybe you’re in love, or maybe you’re completely high from singing! Enjoy this part of life and celebrate with a song that you love.

Your voice is full of “colours” that are unique to you, and everything that you ever needed to express yourself freely is already there.

Happy Singing!

© Nína O’Farrell 2020
© Photo by Sean O’Farrell

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