Singing Is Healing

Singing can heal your heart.

Let singing be part of your everyday life and enjoy benefits such as well-being, inner peace and joy.

Transform your life

I started working with my voice almost 20 years ago. Yet, I’m still amazed how singing has an ability to transform. It can change your mood and instantly lift the vibrational level – starting with the small things that happen in everyday life, and the many small things then become part of the bigger picture that you shape your life with. And your life gets better. You grow.

Singing is also a profound way of healing the wounds that we all carry. Things that we’ve experienced, people that have hurt us, and the times when we’ve hurt other people. We can express this pain through singing, be with it, accept it and let it go.

That’s where empowerment begins. We stop being victims of our lives, and become captains on our own ships. Singing and empowerment are so closely linked together, because there is a direct link between our voices and our souls.

The good life

Our emotions and state of mind go up and down, it’s all part of being human. Life can be bussy some times. That’s okay. But if you find yourself getting worked up because there’s too much going on around you, it’s time for a break. Feeling stressed – as many people do these years – equals a low life quality.

What is success really? For me, it’s living the life that you want. To dream big and take small steps towards your dream but most of all to enjoy everyday life.

If you are overly bussy, singing can bring you back to centre, back to the place where you feel in balance. It’s impossible to feel stressed out when you sing.
You’ll give youself the strength to move on from where you are and make the changes in your life that need to be done. Weather it is to take full responsibility for your situation and enjoy the ride or to change your path.

Bring singing into your everyday life

So how can you use singing in your everyday life? Back to the small things, the small steps. I’ll give you some examples for inspiration:

  • Begin the day with a song. It will give you a good start of the day.
  • Bring a blanket into the garden (if you don’t have a garden, find a nice place in your home) and treat yourself to some singing. If you know some songs by heart, great, otherwise print out some songs that you really like and enjoy yourself.
  • If you live close to nature, get out there and sing. It doesn’t have to be anything big, even a bit of humming will create well-being in and around you.
  • If you feel worried or anxious, let your voice assist you to get back on track. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable sitting down and singing, but you can easily bring it into your daily activities by humming while you do the laundry or singing while you do the dishes. Bringing your home into order and singing is a great combination.
  • If you have or know any children, sing with them. There’s so much joy in that.

Here’s my idea for you: Sing every day for the next week, and see what a change it makes in your life. Sing alone, sing together, sing when you’re happy, sing when you’re sad. You will lift yourself up, and if any part of you needs space to heal, you’ll know. Celebrate with singing.

And when you do sing, see if you can just be happy with your voice and not worry about what it sounds like. The point is that you express yourself freely, and critisism is not needed in that process.
Bye bye, judgement.

Happy Singing!

© Nína O’Farrell 2020
Photo by Pixabay

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