Would you like to learn to sing with your authentic voice?
If yes, then this is the place for you.

I offer online voice lessons and singing courses where I guide you to find the core of your voice so you can sing freely in alignment with who you are.

You’ll learn to use your voice in a natural way that feels uplifting, joyous and empowering.

I’m Nína O’Farrell

Singing is my greatest passion.

I look forward to guiding you to use your authentic voice so you can create more joy and beauty in your life.

Nína O'Farrel, voice teacher

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I had sung in choirs and as a soloist for twenty years before I started singing lessons with Nína.
I was delighted to find that her patient teaching and guidance helped me improve my singing technique. 
I now feel much more at ease throughout my range and especially singing high notes.
Nína is excellent at listening, giving feedback and communicating technical details in an easy and readily understandable way. 
Her singing lessons are very enjoyable and relaxing.
I would heartily recommend her to anyone seeking to enjoy making the most of their voice.”
Barbara-Anne McCabe

Nína is a very gentle and focused teacher who was giving me the confidence to really sing and not just to try.
I highly recommend her to anybody to whom music is important.”
Timea Varga

Not only do I enjoy your sessions, for the first time I think I might be able to sing – just a little!
Bill Hallet

To all that have an interest in music and especially your inner voice, I cannot recommend anyone more than Nína with her excellent skills of coaching, nurturing, encouragement, and reaching those octaves that you’ve only dreamt of. 
I had the pleasure of her skills in music at a time when I was at a low ebb in my life and I had heard about her.  While she did not ring for the electric light orchestra or even a sound studio for a recording of my voice the atmosphere she created had an effect that I had thoughts of a competition with the morning lark or the robin in the hedge especially on the way home, such was the encouragement she gave me.
Although I have yet to advance beyond the shower and the motorcar the laughter and coffee made a great foundation for dreams for the future! I would highly recommend Nína for both young and those like myself; with dreams to still come true!
Colm McLoughlin

Nína has a very gentle, encouraging approach which has helped me to enjoy singing some lovely songs.
Jean Mullan

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